How to Live Like You’re Dying

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Your first question might be, “Why the hell would I want to do that?” My answer would be, “Why wouldn’t you? Because, whether you like it or recognize it or not, you are dying.”  From the moment you are born into this world, you are on your way out.Tim McGraw had a huge hit with the song “Live Like You Were Dying” and it’s about a friend who learns that he is living on “borrowed time” as he just received a terminal diagnosis.  The song tells about all of the things he did that he always wanted to but never made time for before. To receive the shock and realization that he didn’t know how much time he had left he decided to do those things while he still could. Well, the truth is – you and I don’t either. Are you making the most of your moments?  Are you living fully, passionately, happily? Or are you just getting through the days, weeks, months and years, waiting for retirement, a better job, a new relationship, or more money to enjoy your life?

If so, stop it! Your life is now and only now.  Learning to be mindful can help you appreciate and live your moments here and now so that you really feel alive.  All it takes is attention.  Attention to the present moment as it is happening.  Often we are lost in things in the past, or are busy planning for the future.  Neither of those times exist.  You can plan for your future, if you do it in the present.  Constantly running through the details in your head doesn’t get them done and keeps you in a space of wanting what you don’t have which causes suffering. Living in the past and wishing things had turned out differently, or living with guilt and shame for past events also causes you to suffer.  The good news is that the suffering can end.  Mindfulness can help.

Learning to be mindful takes practice.  It is a way of being. Promising to be awake to your life is a commitment.