MBSR 8-Week Class

About the MBSR Course                      

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction or MBSR is an 8-week program, developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, that utilizes formal and informal meditation practices and gentle yoga to help you train yourself to be more mindful and present. Mindfulness practice helps you learn to be 
more awake to your life as it unfolds. This helps you to function 
more effectively in your life as it happens.  It helps you to 
minimize stress reactivity which results in reduced suffering, 
improved decision making, and overall well-being.

Your capacity for the enjoyment of your life expands 
with the ability to be present and attentive 
in the moment.  The present moment is 
the only time we have to live.  
The past and the future do not exist.  
The only time you have to live your life is now.  
Mindfulness training can help you make 
the most of these moments no matter what 
circumstances you currently find yourself in.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Studies

The last 38 years of research into this 8- week mindfulness 
based stress reduction program has shown benefits that 
range from reduced physical pain and symptoms, 
to increased concentration and attention, reduced 
anxiety and social anxiety, addiction cessation, and 
increases in brain gray matter, to name a few.  The 
possibilities for improving your relationships, physical health, and emotional well-being are exciting. 

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Course Details

physical benefits

Physical benefits reported by MBSR participants include relief or reduction of symptoms related to: Chronic Pain; Cancer; Auto Immune Disorders; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Headaches; GI Distress; High Blood Presure; Pre and Post Surgery Stress; Organ Transplant Issues; Non-specific Lower Back Pain and Psoriasis.

psychological benefits

Psychological benefits reported by participants include: Relief from job or family stress; Addiction; Depression, anxiety, and panic; Sleep disturbance; Improved self-esteem and confidence; Increased empathy and  compassion; Decreased judgmental thinking of self and others

additional benefits

Participants in the MBSR 8-week class have also reported the following benefits: 
An increased ability to relax; Greater energy and enthusiasm for life; an ability to cope more effectively with both short and long-term stressful situations.

workplace benefits

Studies have shown that workplace benefits include:  Improved decision making skills; Improved job performance and satisfaction; fewer sick days; increased productivity; and enhanced creativity.