Mindful Eating Day is January 25th

Celebrate Mindful Eating Day, January 25th, 2018

What are you hungry for?

Many people realize that they eat – or overeat – when they are feeling lonely, disappointed, or sad. Mindful eating can help us become aware of the true origin of hunger – whether we are physically hungry, or if the heart is hungry, that is, if the heart is longing for something that is not food.

For Mindful Eating Day 2018, we will be hosting a series of interviews with mindful eating professionals to help us develop a sense of self-care, learn how to recognize heart or emotional hunger, find ways to satisfy it without eating, and reduce its frequency and intensity.

We will be interviewing Kristin Neff, Lynn Rossy, Linn Thorstensson, Fiona Sutherland, Ronna Kabatznick, and Sharon Salzberg to help us mindfully deepen into these ways to work with our heart hunger, which reflects a need for intimacy and connection, especially with ourselves.

When the urge to eat arises, we can check in with the body. If the body is not hungry, we can check in with the heart. If the heart is hungry, we can do one of the activities on the list. Call a friend, go for a walk in nature, have a hot bath, or meditate. Depending on where we are and how much time we have, meditating might consist of doing the body scan or a quick 3-Minute Breathing Space.

Join us on the 25th of January at 9 am and 2 pm (EST) for two broadcasts of conversations with mindfulness practitioners and pioneers in the field of mindful eating.

Morning (9:00 AM EST) Session Registration:

https:// www.thecenterformindfuleati ng.org/event-2748281

Afternoon (2:00 PM EST) Session Registration:
https:// www.thecenterformindfuleati ng.org/event-2768739

Eat Right Now

Go one step further – Register for Haelan House’s Mindful Eating Program, Eat Right Now.  It is a 6-week program that starts on Wednesday, January 24th.  We will explore how habits are formed, learn to recognize your own eating habits and triggers, and work through mindfulness practices that can help you break the cycle.   Eat Right Now is not a diet program.  It is a way to help you learn to change your relationship to food.  Learn More.


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