Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is changing your relationship with food. Do you have a respectful regard for what goes into your body to help it perform at peak levels?  Do you manage to eat and drink what you think is right for you most of the time? Do you struggle to eat the right things, or fail to stop when you're satisfied? Or, do you throw caution to the wind whenever things don't seem to go your way and enjoy a mega meal melee?  Is food your go-to comfort strategy when you're stressed, angry or bored?  Or could it be a combination of the above?

If you answered anything but the respectful regard for what goes into your body for ultimate health and performance, mindful eating could help you transform your relationship with food.  Mindful eating entails figuring out the "Why" "What" and "How" of your own eating patterns and helps you to identify the habit loops that keep you on the hamster wheel of eating poorly so you can finally get off.  Most "diets" don't address this.

Mindful eating also emphasizes self compassion while you're learning about your own patterns of eating.  We know that beating yourself up when you mess up is counterproductive. Mindful Eating is to be undertaken with the understanding that it takes time and effort to undo all the years of habitual and reactive behavior regarding food and make positive changes.

Mindful eating is not a diet program.  I'll say it again, mindful eating is NOT a diet program.  You may in fact lose weight as your habits are changed, but you won't be restricted to a daily calorie allowance, specific food groupings, or weigh in.  Imagine that!

Mindful eating is about just how it sounds - eating mindfully.  Mindful eating is about being healthy.  It's about paying close attention.  It's about learning about and listening to your own body and what it needs to run at optimum levels so you can feel really, really good. And with this program you don't do it alone.

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful Eating Program